Larger than life prints

Working with ACEPT Pty Ltd, Stuart C Photography is creating a growing collection of high resolution panoramic images that can be printed at large scale onto a variety of media and incorporated into your MRI room, CT room or any where else in your radiology practice.  

I specialise in high resolution panoramic landscape images for large scale print.  These bill board sized panoramas are shot using high resolution cameras with quality optics on a precision rotating tripod ensuring you can see all the details clearly close up. 

Image Selection Process

Selecting an Image

There are a range of ready to print images in the collection which have been scrutinized to ensure they are suitable for large scale printing.  There is a standard range of images available to licence that are suitable for large print. However if these are not to your taste you can choose to commission an image just for you.

We will discuss your image ideas, locations, colours and mood along with how it fits in your room. Not every room is the same shape and size, nor will you have a completely blank wall to display an image.  I will work through how to compose the image to best fit your wall and work around furniture, fixtures and joinery. 

Capturing Process

Stock images are captured from pretty much anywhere I travel as a camera is always in hand.  If the weather is good and I find an interesting landscape I will look for the composition and capture it in high resolution.

After deciding on the image scope for a commissioned piece, I start scouting locations within Australia and New Zealand, and researching best times and conditions to shoot.  Once onsite I will work through the best compositions to showcase the main subject in your room based on the layout and constraints.

To be able to print out billboard size images and maintain incredible detail, you need some specialist gear such as high resolutions cameras, professional optics and Nodal Rails.

Post Production and Proofing

Once I have captured the scene from all angles, the image files are uploaded and backed up prior to sorting.  Each image generally consists of 50 to 200 images which are stitched using state of the art software to provide a distortion free panoramic image.

Each part of the overall image may be a combination of several images in order to maintain colour, contrast, shadows, highlights, and fine details. Once the image is together I will then enhance the scene as needed before combing through to ensure there are no technical defects such as chromatic aberrations, ghosting, flares, and artifacts.   

Prior to printing you will be sent a proof image to approve before the image is sent to the printers.

Print and Delivery

When selecting an image you are purchasing the rights to print a copy of the image, you will not receive a digital file unless it is in the agreement for a commissioned piece. 

The final image is delivered and installed in your room as a printed product.  Printing is taken care of by a number of qualified providers based on the type or print substrate and the  location of the project. MRI rooms will be printed in Brisbane directly onto a sound absorbing acoustic fabric and will form a permanent feature.

Other rooms such as Subwaits, CT Scan, and procedure rooms will be printed onto a vinyl film which is applied to freshly prepared plasterboard walls.  Images can also be applied to glass shopfronts and dividing walls. 

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