St Georges Hospital, Christchurch NZ | Hagley Park Blossoms

Illuminated Ceiling Images for entire Radiology Practice

Spring Cherry Blossoms from Hagley Park, Christchurch New Zealand


I was commissioned to capture images of cherry blossoms from around Hagley Park in Christchurch New Zealand to create a series of illuminated ceiling images throughout a new radiology practice at St George Hospital. It was the start of spring and I was eager to venture over to NZ but had to wait until I received word that the flowers had blossomed.

As soon as they were out, I was on a plane and set for adventure but as luck would have it the weather turned pretty miserable and stayed like that for days. It wasn’t until the last day and in the last hour before my returning flight that the sun shone briefly and I was able to capture the abundance of flowers.

the image above was incorporated into a light box set within the wall of the CT Rooms giving the effect of a window looking out to the garden. The six images below were placed in the ceiling of the recovery and prep area. Spanning the entire ceiling, this grid of six images lit up the ceiling to give patients a relaxing view to the outside world.

The two images below were created for the cascading illuminated ceiling images that were installed into the two MRI rooms withing St George Hospital. Each image was created by capturing multiple images and exposures using a nodal ninja rig and stitching them together to form the vertical panorama.

QScan Broncos Redhill | Brisbane City Skyline CT Room Wall Image

Brisbane City Skyline Panorama Large Scale Wall Image

CT Room at QScan Radiology Practice at Redhill

Qscan Radiology recently opened a new clinic at the Broncos Training Facility Clive Berghofer Centre at Redhill in Brisbane. They chose to use an image of the Brisbane City Skyline featuring the Story Bridge to be printed at large scale and applied to the wall in the CT room.

This large panorama was taken from a Wilson Outlook Reserve in the early hours before sunrise to capture all the lights of the city reflecting in the Brisbane River. This panorama was created using a nodal rail to capture multiple images to stitch together to create the final piece. As you can see from the close up there is an extreme amount of detail within the image even when it is printed out 2.7m tall.

QScan Clayfield | CT room with Brisbane City Sunrise

Large scale printed wall image in CT Room

Brisbane City skyline early morning sunset from Kangroo Point

QScan Radiology selected this image from my archives to have printed at large scale and applied to the walls in their CT Room at their new Clayfield Radiology practice on Brisbanes north side.

The image was taken from Kangroo Point Cliffs looking north towards Eagle Street Pier. It was an early morning in March with pinks, purples and oranges filling the sky completely.

Dr Jones SAHMRI, Adelaide SA | Adelaide Oval and Foot Bridge

Large scale printed wall image in CT Room

Dr Jones and Partners | SAHMRI on North Terrace Adelaide

The trickiest image commissioned to date, a 12m long image to suit an odd shaped CT Room within the new Dr Jones and Partners radiology clinic located within the SAHMRI building on North Terrace in Adelaide City.

Let’s start with the CT room, it follows the contours and shape of the SAHMRI building. Not only does it curve and wraps its way around the CT room, the wall also leans in on a rake. This constraint alone required some careful planning and consideration of the type of image needed.

Typically an image is printed onto a film and then applied to a square wall which can be difficult enough to line up the overlaps in the print. To be able to adhere a film to a curved and raking wall we needed to use a film that could be pulled and pushed to fit the curve of the wall.

Since the printed media needed to be pushed and pulled to fit the shape of the wall, I needed to create an image where the top and bottom sections of the image could be contorted. I designed the image to contain sky in the top section and water in the bottom section so that if it does distort you will not notice it like the straight lines of a building or a tree.

The next obstacle in this room was the positioning of the joinery units in the middle of the wall and to the rear of the room. I had to make sure my composition did not obscure the main subject behind these units. I had a few test runs of the location to find the best vantage point before returning at sunset to take the final image.

The Little Food Plan | Food Photography

Commercial Food Photography


The Little Food Plan is a start up company centered around a smart, easy-to-follow, healthy eating and meal preparation system to help busy mums kick start their children’s healthy eating habits. 

Co-founders Naz and Bridget engaged me to photograph their delicious meals while they focused on preparing and plating up saving them precious time. Each plate was shot as soon as it was prepared using natural light, reflectors and flags to create homely styled food images.

TY Designs | Pendant Light Product Shoot on White Background

Product Photography for Online Marketing and E-commerce

TY Designs North Brisbane start up company

Local Narangba business, TY Designs, needed professional product photos to showcase a new range of pendant lights on an e-commerce website. The light is made of acoustic fabric panels and is available in solid colours as well as combinations.

To ensure consistency in the images show in the online shop, I needed to set up the products in a way that they could be photographed in the same position and same lighting.

Each colour combination also required five different angles to best display the features and unique design of the pendant.

Hillbilly Coffee | Coffee Bags Product Shoot for Ecommerce

Product and Commercial Photography

Brendale business Hillbilly Coffee, snack bar and boutique Coffee Roaster


Brendale snack bar and coffee roaster Hillbilly Coffee located on the north side of Brisbane engaged me to shoot images of coffee bags for online and print marketing along with e-commerce store.

Hillbilly Coffee roasts three different blends and packages them in three different sizes, all combinations of blend and size needed to be photographed for the online store.

The coffee bags were shot on a hessian background, with position and lighting kept consistent throughout the shoot. In post production two versions of each image were made, one with a logo in the top corner and the others without.

We also took the opportunity to photograph the premises, make an environmental portrait and then get creative with the coffee roasting process.

Queensland X-Ray Springfield | White Rock National Park

Queensland X-Ray Springfield Private Hospital



This is a vertical panoramic image that was created for an MRI room a the Springfield Mater Hospital that is currently being constructed.  The scope was to have a local landscape in the MRI room and after a bit of a google search I had come up with White Rock Conservation Park which is about 4.3km line of site from the hospital.

Three of us headed out for the 7km return hike via an unsigned trail that we only found by having the way point to the hidden trail entry on my GPS.  It was a fantastic walk through open bush and plenty of rocky outcrops, caves, and cliffs.  After 45 mins we arrived at the rock and began taking photos.

I set up my nodal ninja panoramic rig in multiple locations and decided that this set created the best image to fit the MRI room.  A total of 48 images were stitched together to create this final image; the rocks will be up a wall and transition to the foliage overhead along the ceiling.

Below is an image of the completed MRI room with showing the cascading illuminated image of White Rock National Park.

Gold Coast Private Hospital, QLD | Sunrise over Surfers Paradise

Large Printed Wall on Acoustic Fabric

Queensland X-Ray, Gold Coast Private Hospital

Sunrise over Surfers Paradise taken from The Spit

The brief from Queensland X-ray was to capture an image of the Gold Coast, fairly open but still quite a challenge. The image was to be used in the MRI room in the new Gold Coast Private Hospital, here it was printed onto acoustic fabric and installed during construction of the room. The layout needed to fit the space and not have the main part of the subject obscured by joinery or the door when opened.

I scouted many locations from Burleigh Heads to Southport before deciding to shoot from the Sand Pumping Pier at Southport looking back at Surfers Paradise. I had to spend the night nearby so that I would be there early enough for sunrise in the middle of summer, there is always concern over the weather but everything came together for a cracking sunrise.

This panorama was created by shooting many images with a long lens and a nodal rail to achieve large enough resolution to print with high detail at 7m long. Wind and ocean movements wreaked havoc on the shooting process, it took many sets of images and patients to end up with this peachy sunrise.

Queensland X-Ray Townsville, QLD | Castle Hill Cascading Ceiling

Cascading Illuminated Ceiling Image

Queensland X-Ray Hyde Park Townsville

Castle Hill Vertical Panorama in MRI room

I really enjoy showcasing local attractions in these MRI rooms, something that patients and staff alike can relate to.  When Queensland X-ray commissioned a piece for their Hyde Park MRI Room in Townsville, I knew exactly what landmark to offer.  Castle Hill is possibly the most prominent land mark in Townsville, visible from pretty much everywhere and a popular walking destination with views over the city and marina. 

A cascading image in an MRI room is a tricky thing to create, you need to think about the size of the main subject on the wall and then ensure you have the right amount of coverage in the canopy above the patient bed.  A lot of planning and forethought go into selecting the subject prior to shooting and then further scouting once on location to find the right composition.

This particular image was a collaboration between myself and local Townsville photographer, Liam Postle from Postle Photography.  Liam, being a local, was able to visit Castle Hill at the best time of day and with the best weather.  I was sent the images to create the bottom half of the image which I then composited with a matching sky and canopy overhead.  A seamless landscape image which perfectly fits the layout of the MRI room.

QScan Parkwood, QLD | Coastal Wall Image in CT Room

Large Wall Print Ocean Scene 

QScan Parkwood CT Room Feature Wall

Coastal Dunes at Sunrise printed and applied to Plasterboard Walls


Q Scan requested a coastal sunrise scene with sand dunes for their new Parkwood radiology practice on the Gold Coast. This image was created using a nodal rail and bracketing the exposures at each position to achieve great detail and high dynamic range of colours. The image was printed on film and applied to freshly prepared plasterboard within the new CT room.

The detail in this image is so fine that you can spot a soldier crab in the dunes, might come in handy as a distraction for younger patients.