Product Photography

I can help you

I specialise small product photography shot in studio and can deliver high quality, high resolution images for your business including images for marketing, e-commerce, and print media.  From product and food photography, property and real estate, to commercial images for your marketing campaigns and websites.

Through landscape and portraiture photography I have developed a broad skill set that have enabled me to include real estate, commercial and product photography.  Skills such as composition, posing, lighting and macro combine to offer a range of styles and techniques to display and promote your business.     

Conception and Planning


Before shooting your project we will discuss your business, products, and ideal client to determine what style of photography is required. We will go through all the details of your product to determine types of images, angles and views, along with features you wish to showcase. Once we are happy with the shoot plan we can arrange for delivery of the products to my studio.


After discussing all the details of the photo shoot and taking delivery of the products, I will set up the studio backgrounds and lighting systems. Different looks and effects are achieved using various lighting modifiers, backdrops, and lenses. Consistency in product placement and lighting is paramount when photographing many similar items.

Post Production

All images are given basic enhancement in post production software. Colours, contrast and details are adjusted to provide images that closely resemble the actual item. I regularly calibrate my equipment to ensure colour correctness. Minor blemishes, dust and abnormalities can be removed and corrected in post production. Logos and text can all be added to the final image.


Depending on the complexity of the images and post production required, images can usually be turned around in 2 to 5 days. Images are delivered via secure digital download in two formats. High resolution (typically 5000 pixels at 300 dpi), and web ready (typically 1600 pixels at 72 dpi). Stuart C Photography does not place any usage or licence restriction on product photography.

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