Stuart Cox


 | Husband | Father | Project Manager | Photographer |

Landscape photography is my earliest photographic passion and I think that is where most people start off.  Working with ACEPT has helped realise the potential to use these landscape images in healthcare by providing images in procedure rooms that can distract the patient.  Highly detailed images can be printed and displayed at billboard size enlargements through constant development, critique and technology advancements.  

Through landscape and portraiture photography I have developed a broad skill set that have enabled me to include real estate, commercial and product photography.  Skills such as composition, posing, lighting and macro combine to offer a range of styles and techniques to display and promote your business.     

I am a full time project manager with ACEPT Pty Ltd overseeing MRI RF Cage construction and other related works.  The photography has been a passion for many years and has since progressed into a part time profession with Stuart C Photography mainly covering family portraiture and weddings.   


Brisbane city sunrise with brilliant pink and purple sky taken from Kangaroo Point